Ask Gai
Isn’t it past your bedtime, sweeite?


EH heh… Don’t tell Mama, okay?

Night night!!




She made me promise to buy her a bottle of wine once a month. I fear what’ll happen if I don’t carry through with my promise. 

And I would never try to poison her. I don’t even own any. 

At least don’t give it to her when she’s already drunk. Present it to her when she’s still sober. She might even appreciate it more if it’s the first thing she has, rather than a second or third bottle in.

Sound like a fair arrangement?


If the first time meeting her didn’t involve my fiancee admitting that he cheated on me with her, I probably would respect her and even like her. 

But it did, and I don’t. Doesn’t mean I hate her though. She’s plenty entertaining. 

Like I said, she’s not always the nicest lady to everyone. Even my first meeting with her wasn’t 100% happy, but we got over it. I don’t completely understand matters that involve cheating and stuff, but you can handle it like adults and not children.

Starting with not trying to poison Ms. Sen with more alcohol after I told her to not overdo it for her own health.


She’s your aunty? 

She actually treats someone with respect? 

I’m floored. 

Aunty Sen has loved me for a very long time. Even before I looked like this. She loves me almost as much as Mama does. She’s not the nicest lady in the world to everyone, but she has a big heart for those she really cares for, and those who care for her back.

Loyalty to a DemiGoddess goes both ways, you know. You respect her, and she respects you back.


I did because she’s an adult and doesn’t need a child telling her what to do. 

I just think it’s hilarious that a child is telling her what to do.

I love my Aunty and I don’t want her to do anything she might regret because she’s drinking too much. Also, since she’s not a DemiGoddess, she’ll hurt her insides if she does it too much.

Why is it hilarious that I love and care for my aunty?



………. *Shest etsit back dow n.*




0OKY OHIL iwil teake yurow ine noew

-Hands it to her.-

*Seh tekesit adn take s a longdrink from hthe bottle.* 


GHerr yuotgo , I ropromise.


But yuor”l tell beleeocoelcsoso If ed yuruohealthy thigns, oka y?

*he takes the note, folds it carefully, and puts it in his pocket*

Okie dokie! And you try to not drink too much!! Or I might get the cabinet anyway!




how aoeubouti maekyuo chocolater chototlleate chip pakcakesand whipedcream frobrefktfast nexttimei watch yuo?

*The boy can’t even hide his excitement to that offer as his ears perk up a bit. He still grimaces at the Sentinel, even puffing his cheeks a bit in frustration over her bribery*

You better keep your word on that! I’ll be saving my allowance anyways, just in case!

iI promiseiw il kep myrowrdonit ,thghuo youmay need to reidmnmebe me o f it.

*he leaves a moment, then comes back with a piece of paper with messy crayon writing*

Sign here with something so I have proof of your promise, okay?